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Battalion Locations

Battalions will be active in early 2023
Ontario, Canada


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Sabrina Williams

Mom Army Sacramento

"I believe in the innocence and purity of our children, and watching society jeopardize their goodness and virtue fuels my ambition to stop this war on our kids. It is unreasonable to stay quiet, and I refuse to sit back while our institutions take over our children and enforce laws diminishing our parental rights, in turn dictating our access to OUR legacies while  they mold them into unrecognizable replicas of what they deem acceptable.. Mom Army gives mothers like me and you a community,  camaraderie and a united voice to ban together and actually make a change! Mom Army cultivates a safe place for children, mothers, and sexual abuse survivors. Mom Army is compelled to educate parents about the not so hidden agenda of our corrupt government.. as well as the indoctrination, mutilation and sex-trafficking of our children. We aim to embolden parents to live in such a way that their children will know their parents gave all they could to protect their freedoms innocence and futures."

Simon Esler

Dad Army Canada

"I have been researching and creating content focused on the war on the family for over a decade. I know that men are designed to be devoted fathers and that Dad Army can make a  difference by activating that devotion to help men reclaim their purpose."

Dr. Adrian Fletcher

Mom Army Arizona

"Mom Army brings a sense of emotional safety, community, and connection to my life. As a survivor of trafficking it feels empowering to be a part of something that stands for the protection of others. I always wanted someone or something to stop what was happening to me. There was no one fighting to keep me safe away from being exploited. I want to use my knowledge and education to help bring more inspiration, hope, and love to the world. We must embrace the light and shine our light and love on behalf of others while speaking truth and calling awareness to darkness that has the potential to be prevented or stopped. A mission for warriors and I’m proud to be one of them. I am a Mom Army soldier of love!"

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